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These blogs are aimed towards basic/intermediate users.


Disclaimer: This website is for educational purposes only, I do not endorse illegal hacking activity.


Outside of IT, another great passion of mine is skydiving.

Subject to spare time and weather conditions, I like to fit a few jumps in when I can.


Recommended learning material and labs to hone your skills regardless of your skill level.

About Me

A little about me…

A Skydiver (Weather & spare time permitting) and Pen Tester who is passionate about IT, personal development and collaborative success. Away from IT, I enjoy running, reading inspirational books and continually strive towards making the world a better place through small acts of kindness.

I’m a Security Consultant who is relatively new to the game. My interest in IT and computing started around December 2015 after watching countless Kali Linux videos on YouTube. I remember not even knowing what a virtual machine was, so I joined the free online learning community Cybrary and started from the ground up (CompTIA A+).

Fast-forward 18 months; I passed OSCP! The journey wasn’t easy and the industry is fast paced and ever evolving. I have had the pleasure of working with some extremely talented (and arguably some of the best) men and women in the industry. 

If I could share one piece of advice – Don’t restrict your own success or personal development by taking notice to your negative thoughts and doubts (or anyone else’s for that matter). ALWAYS pursuit your passions and dreams and strive to become a better you.


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